What We Make

From Educators, to Performers, to Audience Members, our products enable users to take their passion for Live Arts to the next level of professionalism and interactivity. Whether streamlining the business side of show biz or fostering fan-driven social-marketing experiences, ARTech Holdings reimagines technologies that have revolutionized the business sector and redirects them in service of creative culture. By artists, for artists—building frameworks for sustainable inspiration.


ActorIndex is a niche website creation tool, hosting solution, video production studio, and membership community. Created by Industry decision makers for early career actors and other performers, AI fills essential gaps in existing point-of-entry training and technology by providing customized templates, affordable reel production and editing services, best practice educational content, and insider opportunities, such as casting notices, special discounts with partner providers, and more.

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On The Stage is a complete logistical solution for producers of the live arts, from school drama departments, to community and regional theaters, to independent troupes and companies. Customized production websites. Integrated ticketing and merchandise sales. Fully interactive seating assignment. Reporting at the click of a button. Broadway’s best practices made easy—and free of charge for the producing school or company. Plus complete design and marketing packages to take outreach to the next level. On The Stage streamlines the business so creatives can focus on the show.

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Sheet Music Universe is the premier online resource for singers. Our digital sheet music library includes over 50k titles, curated specifically for vocalists, and features Audition Cuts in 16-bar, 32-bar, and full song formats. Created exclusively for Sheet Music Universe by professional musical directors, these custom arrangements make great songs better by spotlighting the singers’ talent and giving decision makers exactly what they need to hear.

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Broadway FANatic is an interactive social app that turns theatergoing into a game…and theater lovers into ambassadors for their favorite shows. Users earn FANatic experience points for purchasing tickets, checking in at the theater, and sharing about their experience, then redeem them for exclusive merchandise, discounts, and Broadway event opportunities. By rewarding their core audience for activities in which they’re already engaging, Producers are able to harness fan energy to mobilize virtual street teams, building buzz and expanding the reach of existing marketing efforts with 100% authentic buy-in.